COVID-19 is having a massive impact on many of our customers.
We will be providing additional data sets to our Bellwether subscribers that assist them with navigating your way through the impacts of COVID-19.

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Simple Plug and Play Solution

No cables required installation in less than 15 minutes
Plug into nearby power of PoE switch
Mobile/Cellular connectivity solution

3d counting hardware

Rule Based Counting

Enter vs false enter

Must start tracking in the yellow hoop
Cross the green line
Exceed the minimum distance zone

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3d counting hardware

Beautiful and Discreet

Standard Entry
Will only require one sensor if mounted at 3m high
and doorway is within 4m.

Extra Wide Entry
For those extra wide door ways, our cameras link and
communicate to ensure you get unique counts only.

Real time Counting

Enters and exits identified seperately
Height filtering, exclude children
Live data, updated every 5 minutes

Simple software

No nonsense visibility across the business unit
Restrict levels of access for Store Managers and their
team. Use data to eradicate poor performing staff.

phone conversation

Conversion Rate

Being able to track hourly LIVE conversion rates via any
smart device allows all team leaders to keep the team on
their game in real time.

Heatmap toggling through data
Customer Counting

Leading edge 3D stereoscopic technology

Conversion Rates

Real-time data feeds mean live access to store & group performance

ATV Insights

Understand Average Transaction Values & how your choices are driving your business

API Integration

Export your data using a RESTful API into your own system

Data Exporting

Export large combined data sets straight to Spread Sheet formats

Weighted Opportunity Metrics

Spot & respond to sales opportunities that are going begging


Compare stores & locations. Get essential performance indicators to understand the holes & the wins


Bring rankings in & engage your staff. Empower your teams to get that extra 10%

Grouped Data Pools

Setup multiple pools of retail stores to understand group performance