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Providing Indoor and Outdoor Solutions for Centres and CBD's

Purchase and Leasing options available

Measure ROI

Identify factors that contribute to more visitors

Attract Quality Retailers

Quality Retailers require data to analyse / justify decisions

Provide Rent Analysis

Showcase Visitor numbers and correlation with Rent prices

The Future of Visitor Counting Analytics

Get started with Bellwether

What to expect?

Step One: Install / Convert existing sensors

Install New Bellwether Sensors. Use your own electrician or contact a Bellwether approved installer. All kits come with easy to follow instructions. You can skip this step if you already have an approved Customer Counting Device

Step-Two: Input Historical Data

If you have another system with historic data, we will work with you to transfer it across onto the Bellwether platform. Limiting any data gaps.

Steps Three: Analyse Data

Create your own reports and provide statistical analysis for key stakeholders. Make smarter decisions on key operational aspects.

Bellwether What to Expect
Use our sensors, or connect to yours

Get up and running easily

Bellwether 3D Counting Hardware
Accurate Hardware

We have the most accurate sensor technology on the market, and we can help you transition from other providers.

Bellwether Software
Smart Software

Designed with the reality of your busy day in mind. The data you need to make great decisions for your business.

Bellwether Integrations
Smart Integrations

Integrate third party data sets into the Bellwether Software platform (via API) to improve the level of insights.