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Helping thousands of Global Brands find growth with smart sensor technology.

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James from Superette

Bellwether is embedded into our Retail Operation, from Brand and Marketing through to Sales.

James Rigden || Founder, Superette

We offer Capex Leasing

Use our sensors, or connect to yours

Get up and running easily

Bellwether 3D Counting Hardware
Accurate Hardware

We have the most accurate sensor technology on the market, and we can help you transition from other providers.

Bellwether Software
Easy to use Software

Designed with the reality of your busy day in mind. The data you need to make great decisions for your business.

Bellwether Integrations
Smart Integrations

Integrate with leading POS providers straight out of the box to get instant growth insights

Integrates with all* POS Systems out of the box

Vend Bellwether Integration
Retail Express Bellwether Integration
Shopify Bellwether Integration
Kudos Bellwether Integration
Light Speed Bellwether Integration
Ontempo Bellwether Integration
Cin7 Bellwether Integration
Microsoft Dynamics POS Bellwether Integration

*Talk to us if your POS suppliers isn't listed and we will sort it